A number of suggestions that are important to be noticed by female pilgrims are the ones that we’d like to share with you below. Other than that, you may visit www.hajjandumrah.com/hajj-packages to find a recommended deals for your hajj.

1. Wear ihram clothes that cover our, not tight, and transparent;

2. Wearing socks is not transparent;

3. Using handcuffs to help cover the parts that can’t be exposed;

4. If the Haj or Umrah coincides with winter, you should wear a tight inside suit in the form of a long sleeve shirt and trousers to ward off the cold air;

5. Use a panty liner (female nappies) to make it easier for you to get rancid, by throwing them away (disposable);

6. While in the elevator, either in the apartment or mall, try to swarm;

7. Do not be easily tempted if there are Arabs who praise or seduce! Be careful with strangers;

8. Do not bring too many jewelry or money when going to the Grand Mosque;

9. Do not dress too much. It is because it can invite crime!