Everyone must have a sofa or a chair at home, whether it is fabric or leather. A sofa or chair is also one of the most comfortable seats to sit on, and has many fans ranging from small children, adults to the elderly. When sitting on a couch everyone may be lazy to get up or stand up from the couch and chair. Of course many things or activities that can be done on a sofa or chair like reading a book, relax, communicate, play games, watch to listen to songs and so forth. Sometimes people will forget the time, when doing activities on the couch or chair and sit for hours on the sofa or chair will not be felt. However, this habit can be bad for health. Too long sitting on a sofa, or other seats can lead to various health problems. Starting from interfere with blood circulation, backbone and metabolic system of the body as well as several other disorders. Plus materials used to make sofas or chairs containing many chemicals harmful to your health. So that can be at risk of disease is higher. But this can be prevented by see more choices of our chosen seats.

Another way that you can use is to choose the material of the moon chair. Why do we choose a strong material when about to buy a sofa or chair, because the material can affect the strength of the sofa and chair when we sit. This aims to when we sit sofa and chairs are not easily torn or sagged because it can interfere with the bone position. To avoid the material that is easily torn or abbreviated choose a sofa and chairs are made from thick, in addition to the above that we discussed, sofa and chairs made of thicker longer age of the sofa or chair. Easily torn sofas and chairs can also raise chemicals that are in the form of sofas and chairs. Therefore, it is recommended to be more careful when buying a sofa or chair to avoid health problems. Choose a sofa and chairs that use natural materials such as wood that is safer, stronger and healthier. However, there are also disadvantages of hardwood and less comfortable. However, to overcome this we can add a thicker foam, thick foam can also make you more comfortable when sitting. In contrast to the sofa or chair in which contains a thin foam at because will quickly collapse at the time of sitting, and we will feel sitting on a wood or rubber surface. So it is not safe for your health.