Airfreight would be a thing that allows you to send everything you will send to the destination. Now, there is also a rescue hoist system in charge of handling the repair on the delivery aircraft. this certainly can greatly facilitate you in sending the goods you need.

In addition to the weight of things, you should notice. Another thing to note also is the packing problem. Packing in air cargo loads is known as ULD (Load Device Unit) or cargo crate. This cargo box is designed not carelessly because it is precision with air cargo space to facilitate the officer in calculating the airplane weight and balance. Cargo crates consist of two types, namely containers made of aluminum and pallets are open, usually only tied with a net or a net.
In this case, the shipping company has provided the code for the ULD plane to facilitate the process of handling and tracing.

So, make sure that the goods you want to send have been properly hacked and in accordance with applicable standards.