You must have a phone that you always carry with you wherever you go. The phone will usually perform various needs and purposes that you want. So, you should be able to buy mobile phone that really suits your needs and the activity you are running.

However, you must also often experience a mobile phone that lags or hang by itself. There are various reasons why your phone can experience it. to handle it, there are some things you should do, like

1. Avoid using applications simultaneously
Using the application simultaneously can disrupt the poses and cause the loading to be long because the task of the processor as the brains of the phone becomes increasingly heavy. The solution to this problem is to immediately close the application you open when finished running the application. in addition, if not necessary, never run multiple applications simultaneously.

2. Clear the cache periodically
Running an application can sometimes leave the rest of the data storage or commonly called cache. This cache buildup can be a factor that slows down your mobile work. This cache is also commonly called history if on the browser. To prevent the system from lagging, you can clean it periodically by going into settings, then going to storage you just need to clear the cache in there.

3. Delete the chat that has passed
At times, many mobile users underestimate the chats that accumulate inside the inbox. In fact, the chat will spend the internal memory of their phone. And if left alone, it will slow the performance of the phone.

4. Avoid using widgets
Widgets are a representative of apps that allow users to be able to use the features of the apps they represent directly without having to open the real app. Or you could say, the widget is a mini version of the application that can be used directly on the home screen. Some people decorate their smartphone with various widgets that aim to beautify the look or just to make a cute or funny impression on the screen.