When talking about web hosting, then you will easily find paid web hosting or free. Both, you can only choose according to your own needs. However, make sure you find the best web hosting. One of them is by visiting www.digitalserver.com.mx/servidores-dedicados.shtml.

However, between free and paid web hosting, you will find several different facilities. These two facilities are the most visible.

1. Bandwidth and Storage Capacity

The first thing that distinguishes between hosting that is obtained for free and paid is the storage capacity and bandwidth provided. If on free hosting, bandwidth and disk space provided are limited. Both the number of visitors and file sizes that can be uploaded to the website are limited by the bandwidth and disk space provided.

2. Hosting package
If you use paid hosting, you will get full support from the hosting provider. One of them you will get technical support for 24 hours, including tutorials and the most important is technical assistance if there is a problem on the server that is used.