All of the people have the same problems when they have to deflate their inflatable tent, especially in the outdoor space. That is because the condition sometimes does not support this kind of closing. Because of that reason, deflating this kind of tent usually becomes a nightmare for many people. However, if you know exactly what you have to do when you are deflating the tent, you will not have to deal with that kind of problem. If you want to try the best steps, here are some of the worthy steps that you can try.

For the start, you need to open the door of the tent before you start deflating the tent. This one is important to help you get rid of the air from inside the tent. If it is possible, try to open the door and the windows too. The next one is letting your tent to deflate on its own for few minutes. Rather than pressing the air out of your inflatable tent, you need to simply open the valve and let the air out for some minutes first. After you do that, you need to start with the folding process. However, make sure you step on the air tubes before you start folding the tent.

When you are folding the tent, you might need to check on the width of the bag for the tent. This one is quite important to make sure that the fold is not bigger than the width of the bag for the tent. After you get the correct size for the bag, you just need to start rolling the inflatable tent to make it smaller. Make sure you also press the tent to force the air to get out of the tent. Hope you are ready to deflate your tent on the outdoor.