Sometimes writing personal experiences can be very troublesome. We have an interesting experience to tell the story but are confused about how to write it down. Well to facilitate you the beginner writers, it would be better if you tell your travel experience, for example about things to do in Phoenix. After that, in order to more easily arrange personal experience, the first time is to create a title. Choose an interesting title, a title that describes the content of the article you create.

Once you have defined the title of the article, you can now make the story outline points to be more systematic. Remember, readers love neatly organized writing. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a writer to arrange the story to be systematic so that it is easy to understand and readable.

Begin the first paragraph with small talk so readers can relax when reading the articles you write. After that, you can compile one by one answer from the question below to compile your article:

1. When did the experience happen?

2. Where does the experience happen?

3. What did you think or did you do before the experience actually happened?

4. How did it happen? Why?

5. Why does it happen? Where is the climax point?